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Becoming a good speaker means unfolding your full potential

Academic studies reveal people are more afraid of public speaking than of dying. Can you believe it? The truth is, it can make us shake our legs, tremble our voice and even forget our speech! How can this be possible? One of our primary and most basic needs as human beings since we are borne is that of being seen, but also one of our most terrible fears. At some level of consciousness we could even say we exist only in relationship to others, because we are seen by and we interact with others. It is in this exchange of impressions that we interpret ourselves and define our personality. So important is communication! It is all about who we are and how we are. And in this sense, as you know, we are 3 persons in 1, how we think we are, how others think we are and how we really are.

So when it comes to public speaking, what happens? We don’t know what to do with our hands, our body moves without control, we may speak too low, some ticks may appear. If we keep control we may be too rigid, if we show ourselves too natural we may overexpose ourselves. Our body language shows everything about us. What we like and what we dislike. What we want to show and what we want to hide. What we accept and what we judge. Our inner image is contrasted with our public one, and what if they don’t match? Authenticity, confidence, credibility, are at risk! They will all notice if we feel insecure! Fear grows and grows, and even if we are not conscious of this process, emotions appear and hold the reins of our corporal behaviour. We know we are exposed, we have things to lose, we are in danger! And yet we have also so much to win. Fear is the emotion that points out the next level we need to overcome in order to evolve and in order to success. Moreover our talent can only unfold if public.

In conclusion, learning how to unfold our full potential when being in front of others is an enormous opportunity for us to evolve. The speech itself being a puppet game compared with all the above. Overcoming all these emotions and gaining confidence is a question of practice but also of focus, intention, self-confidence and overcoming our shadows. The good thing? it is only a question of will.

If you feel there are things you want to work on, there is unrevealed potential in you, you want to explore and if you want to improve your communication and leadership skills, its time for you to take the ride. What will we do? we will cover all aspects of communication to develop your personal branding according to your nature, to overcome fear and gain confidence, and most important, to be ourselves when public speaking. We will learn to generate presence, to enjoy ourselves on stage and gain peoples attention, hearts and trust.

Nuria Moreno

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